Friday, January 15, 2010

A Tender Mercy

I worked 12 hours today, the last five standing on concrete at the Home Expo. As the show wound down I began to ponder my day. It had been so busy it really flew by, but did I have a special moment to record for today? I am so blessed, I have a great job and a lovely home, but I wanted something specific for today. Even as I was driving home and the heated seats were warming my tired hips and back I searched my day for something unique to this day.

And then I finally remembered! I had to be at the home show by 4 pm. The parking lot was jambed all the to the back of the Stampede Grounds. The parking attendant wouldn't even let me in the first two parking lots. So I drove into the back one then drove all the way to the front and lo and behold, a tender mercy from God, a parking spot in the first row by the doors!  Sweetness.

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  1. Lovely Fact Just Charming! I feel better and your report adds to that!