Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Hand of God

I know that the hand of God is present in my life everyday, however, most of the times it's subtle and just there, protecting me, loving me, guiding me. However, today I saw the hand of God in a BIG way.

I choose to keep the Sabbath day holy by not working or making other people work. After yesterday's smash success with our open house at work, my co-workers demanded that I work with them today as they would not be able to handle another 125 people on their own.

In my prayers this morning I told God that I wanted to keep His day holy and turned the problem over to him.
The open house started at 11 am both days, yesterday by noon we'd seen probably over 30 people. Today I went to church then phoned the office just before noon to see how bad the crowds were...ONE person had shown up in the past hour. My co-workers told me not to bother to come in.

What a blessing! I don't know if the crowds picked up later, but I was free to keep my covenants with God and spend the day with my grandchildren.

Thank you God.

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