Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pink Skies and Blue Mountains

Some days it's harder to find a beautiful moment than others. As I drove home from a hard and busy day at work, I reflected on the day, looking for my moment. Was it when my co-worker thanked me for teaching him how to make his own blog? No, not really. Was it when I solved a difficult stair design dilemma for a new client? No, not that either.

Then I raised my eyes from the road and saw the Rocky Mountains, their tops bathed in a soft pink glow from the setting sun. Just a month ago it was pitch dark when I drove home from work, but now the daylight was just waning. The mountains were deep blue almost black, their stark peaks etched against the sky by the setting of the sun. The pink haze blended upward into blue skies and gray clouds.

Ah yes, my mountains, my beautiful mountains, waiting to lift my heart and bring a smile to my lips. There is my beautiful moment. Thank you God.

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