Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti I Pray For You

Commendation from the president of my company, positive feedback from my peers and clients, a massage, singing lessons and laughter with know, I had a beautiful day, filled with joyful thoughts and feelings, but in the background was Haiti...finally I sat down to watch the news and cried all the way through.

So, I started looking for the good in the disaster and saw my country, Canada, mobilizing aid and sending money. My fellow Canadians donating over one million dollars to the Red Cross just today. Then I saw the mighty USA stand up and roar into action and the United Nations pledging help.

I am grateful to live in a land that can help in the face of disaster, that we can get there quickly and render aid.

The people of Haiti and those who are helping them are in my prayers tonight.

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  1. It really is horrifying and yet a chance for our Christian values to go into overdrive. LFJC I've learned the Church had planes in the air within hours, filled with necessities as they always are.