Saturday, May 8, 2010

In the Moment

Joy is something that can only experienced in the present. There are, of course,  joys remembered, but when you first experienced them you were totally there at that joyous moment.

The more you focus on recognizing joy the more you find it in everyday moments. The key though is not to be dwelling on the past or looking towards the future, but simply being in the moment.

I am constantly surprised by things that bring me joy. I'm washing my hands under clear, warm water and smelling the fragrant soap and suddenly a feeling of joy and gratitude washes over for me for instant access to clean water.

How many thousands of times have I washed my hands and felt nothing? Busy moving from one task to the next, and there it was, something to feel joyous about and totally missing the moment.

A beautiful life is made up of many joyous moments, they are just waiting for us to recognize them and embrace them for our own benefit and joy.

What is your beautiful moment today?

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