Monday, May 3, 2010

Brilliant Descendants

My 24 year old son took the time today to figure out the dividends on my investments and sent me an email explaining them. It gave me a thrill of pleasure that my son is so knowledgeable and can help me figure things out.

My daughter came over this evening to help me with my fitness training. I am so out of shape and she was very encouraging and positive.

It is interesting to be on the receiving end of help from my children. This is new.

Then I was discussing plans with my four year old grandson. I explained that his dad would be dropping him off at my house on Wednesday so that I could take him to soccer. "But you need a car seat!" he exclaimed. Another brilliant and smart descendant of mine, clearly analyzing the situation and identifying a problem. It was fun to discuss how to solve it with him and come up with a solution.

I am smiling.

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