Sunday, May 2, 2010

Connecting Joy

I like pondering on joy. I believe that joy comes from inside us. Happiness and pleasure are outside stimulus whereas, joy, is something you carry with you. I realize you can't feel joy every moment of your life. There needs to be opposites in order to experience anything. Yet, once we learn what joy feels like and how to experience it, we can draw upon it when we need it, even in trying times.

I see joy as a very simple emotion. It is different from ecstasy. Ecstasy is perhaps more unpredictable and short lived. Joy is more attainable and more sustainable. We can find joy in very simple things, like the colour of a flower or the song of a bird. The smile of a stranger or the aroma of something delightful.

Joy is connecting with people you love and valuing their part in your life. Joy feels....good.

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