Wednesday, May 5, 2010


More about lists tonight. Along with yesterday's list from the nineties I also found lists of foods I like, things that bring me pleasure, things that nurture my soul and even things I dislike.

I think these lists are very important because you can identify things that bring you joy and then go about incorporating more of those things into your life.

The same thing goes for things you don't like. If you have a clear concept of what you don't like and what's not acceptable you can work to minimize the occurrences in your life or change your attitude about them if they can't be removed, or learn to adapt.

Kind of like the bad weather we've been having. I don't like it but I can't change it. So my options are:

  • move to a more temperate climate
  • rejoice that the moisture will help the farmers
  • accept that this kind of weather is normal for these parts and deal with it
  • grumble and complain and be miserable
This is a picture taken today of icicles hanging off the newly budding lilac bush.

There are other things on my dislike list that I can totally control. Things like heavy metal music, horror and violent movies, and reality TV shows. I can choose not to have any of these things in my life. 

What a wonderful gift we have: free agency. I can choose joy or I can choose misery.

I choose JOY.

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