Friday, April 16, 2010

Women for Women

The worst thing you can do is nothing!
I heard this statement at lunch today and it struck me profoundly. I was listening to Janice Eisenhauer give a presentation on Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to a bunch of Rotarians. I was a guest along with Iris and Carol, invited by Carolyn Christensen, Iris's management partner at Remax.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is an organization Eisenhauer started in 1996 to help women and children in Afghanistan obtain education and human rights. It sounds like they are doing exactly what Greg Mortensen of "Stones into Schools" is doing, only Canadianized.

I felt uplifted and enriched listening to the successes they've had in helping so many women.

I know I attended this luncheon for a reason, it has a bigger purpose in my life than just feeding my belly. I can just feel it in my belly. Now to figure it all out.

Check out their website: Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

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