Thursday, April 22, 2010

Answered Prayers

I received Gerber daisies and a birthday card from the sister missionaries, thanking me for letting them stay in my home and telling me that I was an answer to their prayers.

That really humbled me and made me all teary eyed. You don't very often get to be an instrument in God's hands to answer someone's prayers.

When I was asked to have them stay with me for two months my instant answer was yes. I live in this beautiful home all by myself and I wanted to be like my friend Brenda who also lives in a beautiful home with a spare bedroom. She said that she consecrated her home to whoever needed a place to stay. Even I stayed with her for an entire month when I was in need.

They are beautiful young women and it is a total honour and privilege to have them in my home, I feel so blessed to have them here. They add to the serenity and peace of my home.

I guess, in reality, they also are an answer to my prayer that I be an instrument in God's hands for His good.

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