Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Believe

I am surprised that I have enjoyed watching the Olympics this time. I really haven't watched them since 1988 when they were in Calgary.

Today after working the home show, I watched the men's gold medal curling match. Ok. I have absolutely and completely no idea what the rules are or how to score, even after watching them play 10 ends. Even the language was completely foreign - it sounded like they were speaking English but the words made no sense!

I cleaned the kitchen, clipped Rocco's nails, did the laundry and read a book while I watched...come on....some people say curling is playing with brooms....even the Prime Minister was there I missing something....?

Oh well, in the last end, the audience spontaneously started singing our national anthem. I loved that. And incredibly, our country has won 13 gold medals, that's most any country has ever won at a winter Olympics. We might even break the record tomorrow with the men's hockey team.

I really like the Olympic theme song, it's uplifting and inspiring.  I Believe - The Olympic Theme Song

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