Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Day

I need to savour the days when I experience a lot of success to buoy me up on the days that don't have high points. This was a bit of a crazy day. I sold a home package in the early afternoon. A big package, one I've been working on for months. It was unexpected for today. The clients just called me up and asked if I was free to see them. I fit them in and they pulled out their cheque book and voila! the sale was closed. Sweet serendipity.

In the late afternoon I brought a guest to Toastmasters where I was the Toastmaster. I enjoy running the meeting and felt good about the job I did. My guest loved the meeting and wants to join. How fun!

Then in the evening I went to the home of a client of one of the Realtors in our club to do a Home Staging Consultation. I felt like I did another good job, the clients seemed to be very happy with the advice I gave them.

I've been designing homes for 27 years now. I feel confident in my skills. I'm in a good place. It was a good day.

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