Monday, March 8, 2010

Creating Beauty

Another home cooked meal tonight, this time at Deb's home. Homemade French onion soup thick with cheese and a lovely chicken salad. I have truly been fed well this past week.

However, I had to earn my supper! I had Deb look through decorating magazines and a webpage of interior designs and just pick out ones she liked. She was flabbergasted to discover that she loves white wood and grey and silver accents. Her home has blue walls, oak cabinets and trim and red furniture and dark wood. No wonder why she doesn't like her home.

I enjoyed helping her discover what her tastes and style are. I wrote out two pages of things she could do to redecorate her home as time and means become available. It felt good to help her. I like doing things like that. I enjoy creating beautiful spaces that uplift the soul. I am blessed to have this talent.

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