Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Joys

Today I went to Church alone, as I usually do, but I was wishing I was surrounded by my family on this Christmas Sunday. Just before the service started I received an instant message from my daughter saying, “We’ll be there in 10 minutes, save us a pew at the back of the church.” I was sitting four rows from the front, so quickly gathered my things and headed to the back. I had tears of joy in my eyes, because I knew it was a great sacrifice for her and her husband to bring their two little ones across the city to attend church with me, after already attending their own church and a friend’s church too. Three church services in one day is a real commitment on their part to be there for the people they love. I was deeply touched to have them there with me today.

I sang in the choir, Away in a Manger, as well as in the women’s chorus, Christ Child, Christ Child. I love singing Christmas Carols more than any other genre of music.

Opening their very first gifts.

I spent the afternoon surrounded by my children and grandchildren as we celebrated Christmas together. My greatest blessing in life is my family: parents, siblings, children and their spouses and grandchildren. What a joyful time! What a beautiful day!

The beautiful princess tries on one of her new gowns.

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